About Us

Nerokem started its operation in 2008 with the main objective of bringing innovative and versatile products and services which meet or exceed the customers quality expectation in the areas of cleanliness and hygiene. At Nerokem, we strongly believe that all the cleaning solutions are progressive in nature and there is a tremendous scope for improvement. Since then our company has developed new products, rendered great quality of support and service and offered innovative and customized solutions to our customers spanning food processing, hospitality, healthcare, facilities Management,research laboratories and more... We take pride in being able to provide our customers with unmatched and consistent quality of product and services ever since our inception which can be attributed to our focussed and holistic approach.

Our focus

At Nerokem we focus on providing comprehensive cleaning solutions to our clients. The Basic principle we follow to achieve it is by addressing the cleaning needs of 3Ps i.e. Process,Place and Personnel. Cleaner the Process,Personnel and Place,Better the product. We help you in the former to achieve the latter

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