Food & Beverages

Food & Beverage Processing demands a high level of cleanliness as even the smallest foreign particle in the end product can result in a sub standard product which eventually would lead to a tarnished brand image exposed to many a unwanted repercussions. It would take huge efforts and resources to build a brand, but would need a small contamination to destroy the good image for a long long time. In such places which demands high level of cleanliness, we offer innovative solutions that are designed to meet the demands by improving worker safety, increasing operational efficiency, optimizing manufacturing operations. The seamless implementation of all these ensures a perfect product and to top it all, enhances the brand equity..


Cleanliness gains paramount importance when it comes to the healthcare industry wherein the chances of spread of infection are high when left unattended. Patients as well as their families expect a hygienic environment during their stay for treatment and when fulfilled it increases the credibility of the hospital in their mind. We help you ensure the maximum level of environmental sanitation by researching, developing and providing state-of-the art products that would protect against the spread of infectious diseases, help your patients feel comfortable and most importantly give their families the assurance that their loved one is in the best possible environment.


First impression is said to be the last impression. It becomes the topmost priority to impress the guests at the very first instance so that they are left with memorable experiences during their stay. We help you ensure that your guests are greeted with sparkling surfaces, spotless floors, shining utensils and tableware, every single time of their visit.

Facility Management Companies

Apartments,office buildings,retail spaces,residential and commercial complexes,factories and warehouses always need a clean and safe environment to help the inhabitants to stay in sanitized environment thereby ensuring peace of mind.We offer products and services that provide comprehensive solutions to all your cleaning needs.

Research Laboratories

Research Laboratories demand high level of decontamination as even as the smallest impurity lead to a deviated result and wrong inference. When the cleaning standards are so high it requires an expert to address it.We at Nerokem Speciality Products provide state of art products and the most versatile and innovative cleaning techniques to meet the standard.

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